So as you know I am no good at keeping a blog. I honestly just forget about it. But i went to visit my sister in Idaho this summer. While I has there I got to see my two beautiful, wonderful cousins. They gave me the idea to turn my blog into a cooking blog. I loved the idea and honestly its what I do all the time so it made sense. So from now on you will be hearing about what we have made in my class and things that I am cooking at home. I hope you all can get some fun recipes and laughs from my adventures in the kitchen. School starts in just a week I am excited to help my new students learn to measure, bake, and really find their confidence in the kitchen. In the process I hope you do too.

Well this past week I went to Rexburg and visited with Amanda and Stephanie. Rexburg has changed so much in the little time time I have been gone. (well it feels like only a little amount of time) They are building onto the MC which will make it twice as big as it was. They are also under construction of the the new auditorium, its going to be huge!!! But by far the temple is the best addition. I was able to go to a morning session there and the temple is so beautiful I only wish that it was built sooner so that I could of enjoyed it more.

Friday several of my friends from Vegas came up and we stayed at a friend of ours house in Idaho Falls. We woke up early in the morning on Saturday and went white water rafting in Jackson Hole. Let me tell you it was soooo much fun!!! We went down the river in the morning and the water was freezing! Then we decided to go down the river a second time and it was warmer and in general a better ride the second time. In the picture I am on the left side and Stephanie is in the middle. Of course fulfilling her role as Papa puts it being "queen bee."

After rafting we went to Jackson Hole and ate BBQ. Some of us went on to walk around Jackson Hole but honestly how many times can you see elk arches so me and Stephanie along with my roommate Andrea went to Amanda's house and took a much needed shower. Then we went back to Idaho Falls played games, catch phrase, and talked all in all it was a terrific week and I am gratful that I got to spend time with Amanda and Stephanie.

So I have decided to join the world of bloggers. I really don't know what to say here that could be a serious hinderment to my blogging. Ok lets see what did I do today I went on a 4 mile walk I know some how that sounds more like a hike than a walk but it was through my neighborhood. Where I live, there are all these really cool secret parks and walking areas throughout the surrounding neighborhoods ands its really fun to walk down unfamiliar paths to see where they lead. It was really nice for me today because it was so great outside. It actually rained in Vegas and for once I could breathe and the air smelled like rain and I just wanted to be out in it. It was fantastic!!!! Well thats mostly the best thing about my day!